Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Welcome to Wildflower Soapworks

Welcome to the Wildflower Soapworks Blog!  I know, I know a whole blog about soap?? That’s what I thought when my cousin, Teresa, asked me to write it. So, I thought and thought and thought about soap. How many times a week, or even a month could I come up with something about soap. I was afraid the blog would be a dud before I even began. And then, BAM, it hit me! SOAP! It is incredibly necessary. We use it every single day. Often, (hopefully anyway), multiple times a day. Ok, now I see the light.

I proposed the theme around her Wildflower Soapworks blog would be about LIFE. Life, like what do people do each day. The special moments that touches us through sight and scent. The work hard and get real dirty stuff. The fun times in nature, which we are blessed to live in Northwestern Michigan stuff! The treat yourself special because you deserve it more than you give yourself credit for stuff! Life. It is such a beautiful word. And beautiful is a word I often use to describe Teresa’s hand crafted soaps. So there you have it: Life, Soap, and the pursuit of cleanliness!!

Check in often, and please leave any comments, compliments, or constructive criticism you can share with us here at Wildflower Soapworks! It will be a fun adventure and we would love it if you came along for the ride!! I’ll be sure to share a little about the crew, Northern Michigan, and of course the wonderful world of soap making in the months ahead.

        Do you enjoy following a special Blog? I’d love to learn what your favorites are. There is such a wonderful and diverse community out there in our world wide web of life! Leave a comment and I’ll check out your guilty pleasures!!

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